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Fatima Deborah Conteh of Sierra Leone takes second position in RideAfrique competition in Ghana

Fatima Conteh of team Ubuntu representing Sierra Leone has taken second position in the third edition of RideAfrique cycling competition in Accra, Ghana.

RideAfrique is Ghana's biggest yearly cycling race with a 105km Criterium Challenge , that usually attracts hundreds of Cyclists from across the continent, including Sierra Leone.

The yearly festival is aimed at promoting cycling and provide a springboard of opportunities for cyclists who are aiming for top career in the discipline.

Team Ubuntu's Leading Cyclist from Sierra Leone Fatima Deborah Conteh had a slender victory against her competitors but was unable to retain her title in the female category during the fifteen laps of the RideAfrique cycling race in Ghana.

Speaking to this medium after the race, Fatima Deborah Conteh stated that due to some challenges, she couldn't retain her title but noted that subsequent edition will be thoroughly prepared for as that was what led to her poor run in this year's event.

She added that the Second place was no mean feat considering the top notch cyclists she competed against in the race.

She encouraged other cyclists back home to take the sport very seriously as exposure matters a lot.


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