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FC Kallon's Female club's Captain Binta Bah graduates from IPAM with First Class Degree

Female football Captain Binta Bah, for FC Kallon has graduated with first Class Honours Degree in Business Administration from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) University of Sierra Leone.

Binta Bah was able to strick a balance between footballing & school , placing her among graduands at the FBC's Amphitheatre during the 2022 Convocation. She is now earmarked among the pool of female Footballers who have darkened the corridors of the higher education.

Binta explained that navigating between the two goals was not an easy feat, especially during examinations, thinking of the many difficulties and the challenging nature of the various field of study.

She encouraged other female footballers not to relent in pursuing their careers , no matter how challenging the situation can be. She noted that it is never too late for women who wish to empower themselves.

She recounted that her greatest challenge was allocating training time as a footballer and at the same time attending classes.

She thanked her FC Kallon family and other relatives who supported her goal in ensuring she becomes an example for other female footballers in the country.


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