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Folk singer Fantacee Wiz serves Iftar to her fan club

Musician Fantacee Wiz, real name Fanta Kamara has served executive members of her football club Fantacee wiz Fc and her fans an Iftar meal as a sign of friendship and thanks for their commitment and dedication towards her craft.

The meal serving was done at her home and meals were prepared by her mum.

According to the singer, the club had registered as a community based organization and she had thought of a way to thank them. It was discussed and agreed that they will meet on the fifteenth day of Ramadan.

She stated that she was surprised by the turnout especially from those who resided in almost opposite parts of the city.

Those gathered broke their fast, prayed and did their Nafila at her home.

She said to this medium that it is her first time of organizing Iftar but it was certainly an experience she will like to repeat.


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