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Former international player Serry Billy Turay pledges support towards youth development in football

Turay has spoken about his pride in nurturing youngsters and helping them to develop their careers in football. He has said that he wants to give back to the game that has given him so much, and that he sees it as his responsibility to help the next generation of players.

Turay has been involved in a number of coaching and mentoring roles since retiring from playing some years ago. He is currently the head coach of the Hada FC Under-14 team, and he has also worked with the other categories of the team.

Turay is passionate about helping young players to develop their technical and tactical skills, but he also believes that it is important to help them to develop the right mental attitude. He has said that he wants to help young players to become "well-rounded individuals" who are able to cope with the pressures of playing professional football.

A number of young players who have worked with Serry Turay have gone on to have successful careers in football. These include goalkeeper Alieya Mansaray, Abu Koroma and Abubakarr Mansaray.

Serry Turay is a role model for many young players, and his commitment to nurturing youngsters is helping to shape the future of Sierra Leonean football.


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