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Newly installed Executives at WABA commit to developing new programs to promote the game

The Western Area Basketball Association's (WABBA) recently elected a new executive committee, led by Chairman Ahmed Tejan Dahniya. WABBA is the governing body for basketball in the Western Area of Sierra Leone, under the supervision of the Sierra Leone National Basketball Federation.

The new executive has pledged to restructure the game and usher in a new era of development for basketball in Sierra Leone. WABBA, like many other sports organizations, has ambitious plans to grow the game, similar to the West, where basketball is the second-most popular spectator sport and is regarded as one of the most exciting and dynamic sports.

The new executive is made up of young and enterprising basketball enthusiasts with a knack for transforming the game. With Ahmed Tejan Dahniya as Chairman, Eugene Howard as Vice Chairman, Sheku Tejan Kamara as Secretary General, Dauda Kamara as Assistant Secretary General, Riski James as Organizing Secretary, Ernest Johnson as Treasurer/Financial Secretary, Evelyn Macfoy as Assistant Organizing Secretary, and Chief Joseph Ans-Luseni II as Public Relations Officer, it is clear that change is on the horizon.


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