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Former President Koroma urges refraining from inciting violence and uttering divisive statements

Former President Koroma has issued a statement ahead of 2023's Presidential and general election, condemning violence and divisive antics during the electioneering period.

Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma in the release dated 17th June 2023, further encouraged societal leaders to demonstrate leadership by dissociating from inciting remarks and individuals, whilst championing human rights issues during these times.

He requested proaction from civil society, faith based organizations and the media, as monitors and documenters of happenings.

Dr. Ernest Koroma who also highlighted his work with continental bodies and beyond towards enhancing peace, avowed his belief in democracy, stability and the rule of law here in Sierra Leone.

This release comes after repeated calls on the former Head of State, from the ruling government and ordinary citizens, to indicate his commitment to a peaceful election, separating from rhetoric of his staunch support of recent protests.


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