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Mohamed Gento Kamara gets a theme/campaign song

Mohamed Gento Kamara, aspirant for the Freetown Mayoral office seems to have found a way to make lemonade out of lemons and by that we mean, he has found a way to alter his blunder, transforming it to a win.

Mohamed Kamara had made a seeming huge gaffe on live television during an interview with Africa Young Voices' Samuel Wise Bangura, in response to his plans for his first one hundred days in office. Mr. Kamara has fumbled to communicate his intentions and went on to incorrectly quote lyrics of a particular song" Africa Typic Collection", done by Sam Fan Thomas in referencing the good old days of street electrification, cleanliness and planned layouts.

This blunder had illicited rancor and teasing chants from opposition and supporters alike.

In recent days however, Mr. Kamara is seen traversing campaign grounds and using the song as a campaign song. He was also seen with his wife, boogieing to it at home.

This move is the first attempt at a planned form of communication from his team, who have been lagging at best or outrightly failing to engage residents of Freetowns and the outcome is not looking so bad.


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