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Independent Media Commission suspends live phone-in programs for three radio stations

The Independent Media Commission of Sierra Leone has placed an indefinite suspension on live phone-in programs on Justice radio, Tumac radio and Citizen radio, for inflammatory remarks uttered by listening participants via phone-ins, during their programs.

According to a release circulated on 13the June 2023, the commission observed that calls placed to these stations on certain programs are problematic especially during these electioneering periods and all cautionary engagements have proved futile to curtail these occurrences.

Given the lack of technological tools to record, delay and relay calls, granting them the capability of screening their calls and filtering out inciting messages, the commission has resorted to a full suspension.

According to the Head of monitoring Mr. Joseph Mannah Brima, whilst speaking to this medium, the complaint committee summoned these stations and sought to resolve it but only one had turned up.

He explained to this medium that before and after the events of 10 August of 2022, the commission has been keen tackling issues with the propensity to create a similar chaotic environment.

Pictured: Chairman of IMC Victor Massaquoi


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