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HADA FC thrash East End Lions Jr in U-14 Opener

Unfolding on the expansive playing field of the Trade Center, HADA FC delivered a display of undeniable dominance, comprehensively defeating East End Lions Jr in the inaugural match of the Western Area Urban District Football Association (WAUDFA) U-14 category.

The encounter erupted into action with an exhilarating start, as Ibrahim Amara swiftly capitalized on a precise pass from Osman Sankoh in the 5th minute, propelling HADA FC to a merited lead.

Resiliently, East End Lions valiantly fought back in midfield; however, Amara's unwavering determination led to a second strike before the conclusion of the first half, leaving the Junior Lions deflated and trailing.

During the second half, HADA FC assumed control of the game's tempo, with East End Lions' resilient goalkeeper emerging as their sole savior on numerous occasions.

In a moment of triumph, Abubakarr Mansaray emphatically punctuated the victory with a well-timed goal towards the end of the match, firmly solidifying HADA FC's commanding dominance.

This resounding triumph of 3-0 has already positioned HADA FC as a formidable contender and one of the favorites for the competition. The presence of dignitaries, including the President of the Sierra Leone Football Association, further elevated the atmosphere and underscored the significance of this remarkable victory.


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