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Harbor Police Division Cracks Down on Drug Trade in Kanikay community, Freetown

Updated: Mar 27

In a bold move to combat the escalating drug crisis in the Kanikay community located in the East-end of Freetown, the Harbor Police Division executed a series of decisive raids targeting drug dealers and criminal activities. Backed by a Joint Operations Team comprising personnel from General Duties and the Operational Support Division (OSD), the authorities dismantled numerous drug dens and ghettos that had long plagued the area.

The crackdown was spurred by the rampant misuse of the dangerous Kush drug, which posed severe health risks to its users and fueled a cycle of crime and addiction within the community. 

Under the guidance of Local Unit Commander CSP Mr. Emmanuel Kpulun and OSD Officer ASP Mr. Mohamed Mansaray, the officers approached the operation with a firm commitment to rid Kanikay of illicit drugs and restore safety to its inhabitants.

Led by Operations Officer Inspector Alpha Umaru Jalloh, the Harbour Police Division meticulously conducted searches on suspected drug lord premises, including that of the notorious figure Yusif Abu Sesay alias DJ Skinny. Several quantities of drugs, believed to be Kush, were confiscated as potential exhibits for ongoing investigations.

The demolition of drug-infested ghettos brought relief to the Kanikay community, as residents expressed gratitude to the police for dismantling structures that had long been hubs for criminal activities. 

As the smoke cleared after the four-hour operation, the police urged the public to come forward with any valuable information that could aid in identifying, apprehending, and prosecuting individuals involved in the illicit drug trade, particularly the distribution of Kush.

The proactive actions undertaken by the Harbour Police Division signify a crucial step towards combating drug-related issues and restoring hope in the fight against illegal substances in the Kanikay community and beyond.


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