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Hon. Tawa Canvasses NaCSA Support for the Western Area

The Deputy Speaker of the Sixth Parliament of Sierra Leone, who concurrently serves as the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and the Chairman of the Western Area District Caucus representing the Western Area Urban, Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Honorable Ibrahim Tawa Conteh, met with the Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), Chief Ernest Baimba Ndomina, at his office in the Parliament Building Tower Hill, Freetown, on Monday, July 8, 2024.

Honorable Tawa emphasized his commitment to ensuring that the citizens of his district, as well as those in other areas, have access to a better quality of life through the Government's social safety net interventions aimed at reducing poverty and improving living conditions, particularly within the World Bank Project and its implementation in the Western Area.

The Honorable Tawa stated, "In my capacity as Deputy Speaker for the entire nation, I am particularly concerned about the Western Area because the majority of NaCSA's social safety net projects are implemented in the provinces. I contacted the Commissioner to inquire about the specific benefits that the Western Area will receive from these projects. For instance, if a survey is conducted, how will the Western Area be included, and how will the Western Area survey accurately reflect the region's realities?"

He further emphasized that World Bank Projects primarily focus on implementing initiatives that affect the entire country but with a specific focus on how the Western Area will be impacted.

Honorable Tawa described the meeting with the NaCSA Commissioner as highly productive, adding that Chief Ndomina had pledged that any future initiatives would be channeled through Western Area stakeholders. The Western Area would be duly informed to ensure a robust presentation, ensuring that activities in the Western Area, such as slum area projects, would have a tangible impact on the lives of the Western Area residents.

In a post-engagement interview, Honorable Tawa elaborated on the fact that the Government's agenda with NaCSA is centered around reducing poverty and improving the lives of its citizens by clearly outlining key outcomes and deliverables.


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