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SWASAL unveils Golden Jubilee logo, during World Sports Journalists Day Commemoration 

The Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL) commemorated World Sports Journalists Day with a dual celebration, honoring its founding members and unveiling its 50th-anniversary Celebration Logo.

The ceremony resounded with calls for unity and professionalism from former president Mohamed Fajah Barrie. He paid homage to the organization's departed founding heroes, including Gipu Felix George, Edward Akar, Foday Kandeh, and Chernor Ojuku Sesay, for their invaluable contributions since SWASAL's inception in 1974.

Barrie exhorted current members to uphold a professional stance, particularly in the forthcoming Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) elections. He underscored the significance of unity, emphasizing that strength lies in unity and cautioned against the divisive influence of external politics on SWASAL.

The event witnessed the unveiling of SWASAL's 50th-anniversary logo, symbolizing a golden jubilee for the association.

SWASAL's current president, Sahr Morris Junior, commended sports journalists worldwide and in Sierra Leone for their dedication and contributions to the profession. He stressed the importance of adherence to high ethical standards and highlighted the valuable Sports Journalism Diploma Course offered at Liccsal Business College.

President Morris further emphasized SWASAL's ongoing collaboration with the Kinetics and Sports Department at Fourah Bay College, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of Sierra Leonean sports journalists. This collaboration seeks to equip journalists with the requisite skills to excel in the field.

Keynote speaker Dr. Victor Massaquoi accentuated the significance of collaboration among sports journalists. He urged them to transcend differences, unite, and work in tandem with the current executive to further develop SWASAL.

He also outlined three key imperatives for success: professionalism, attainment of desired outcomes, and learning from those with greater experience.

SWASAL's celebration of World Sports Journalists Day serves as a reminder of the pivotal role sports journalists play and their unwavering commitment to professionalism.

With an unwavering focus on unity, collaboration, and ongoing education, SWASAL appears well-positioned for a more robust future.


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