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IGP Fayia Sellu says twenty-seven persons are suspected of subversion of State Power

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Sierra Leone, Fayia Sellu, announced at the Ministry of Information and Civic Education’s weekly press briefing that twenty-seven(27) individuals have been suspected of subversion of State Power.

The IGP stated that 17 military officials have been apprehended thus far, including eight middle-level officials of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), six non-commissioned officers of the RSLAF, two police officers, one retired police superintendent, and two civilians. He also stated that five military officers and three Sierra Leone Police officers are on the run.

This diverse range of individuals suggests a complex web of potential involvement in the subversive activities. In response, the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has intensified its efforts to track them down.

The IGP affirmed that cooperation with neighboring countries and international partners, facilitated through the International Police Organization (Interpol), is underway to ensure the arrest of these fugitives. He also stated that increased security measures and heightened surveillance have been implemented at the country's borders.

The IGP concluded by urging the public to remain calm and vigilant, and to report any suspicious activity to the police.


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