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Former Staff of Radio Democracy jointly Address “Incomplete Narrative”and Call for Transparency

The former staff of Radio Democracy 98.1 FM have issued a statement in response to the recent statement released by the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Julius Spencer. The statement addresses what they describe as the "partial and incomplete narrative" presented in the Chairman's statement, and provides further insight into the ongoing issues faced by the radio station.

The former staff members express their gratitude for the public's interest and concern regarding the recent resignations and the appointment of a "consultant Station Manager." They assert that the challenges faced by Radio Democracy did not originate solely from these recent events, but rather have been accumulating over an extended period of time. They emphasize that the Board was well aware of these ongoing concerns.

In the interest of promoting transparency and accountability, the former staff members challenge the Board to substantiate their claim that they were actively addressing the internal issues plaguing Radio Democracy prior to their departures. They urge the Board to provide evidence of the measures taken and the progress made in resolving these matters. This call for transparency aims to enable a more accurate understanding of the situation while allowing the public to evaluate the Board's efforts in addressing the challenges faced by the radio station.

The former staff members accentuate that their intention is not to settle personal scores but rather to provide the much-needed clarity required to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the situation. They further highlight the significance of transparency and accountability in addressing the ongoing issues faced by Radio Democracy.

As the public awaits a response from the Board, it remains to be seen how they will address the former staff members' call for transparency and substantiation of their claims. The outcome of this situation holds the potential to significantly impact the trust and confidence of Radio democracy listeners and stakeholders.


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