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Rapper Star Zee has been confirmed as the headliner of AWOL USA awards

Sierra Leonean dancehall singer and rapper Linda Samai has been confirmed as the headliner for the 2023 All Works of Life (AWOL) awards in the United States. The eighth edition of the awards, which recognize prominent contributions from several sectors, will be held on September 2 at the Arundel Live Casino Ballroom.

Samai, who is known by her stage name Star Zee, was selected as the spotlighting artist currently in Sierra Leone and she will be traveling for her performance in September.

The awards ceremony will feature performances by Samai and other artists, as well as speeches from award winners and other dignitaries. It is expected to be a major event for the Sierra Leonean community in the United States.

The AWOL awards were founded to celebrate the achievements of people from all works of life.


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