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Two senior journalists have resigned from Radio Democracy, with more expected to follow

Two senior female journalists have resigned from Radio Democracy, a leading radio station with a broadcast frequency of 98.1 FM. The resignations were made public yesterday in online publications of their resignation letters.

The two journalists are Kadijah Bangura, who was the Head of News, and Mabel Kabba, who was the Deputy Station Manager. Both women had over a decade of experience in the media landscape.

Deputy Station Manager Mabel Kabba

Head of News Kadijah Bangura

Both women quoted the opportunity to challenge themselves differently, as the reason for their resignations.

According to a close source, the resignations are not unconnected to feelings of dictatorship, significant lack of professionalism and adherence to media ethics at the station.

The source also said that another senior journalist, Alex Lawrence Koroma, is also on the verge of resigning. Others have also voiced their frustration and intention to follow suit, but no letters have been tendered yet.

Long-time station manager Asmaa James has also announced that her over two-decade journey as a media practitioner has come to an end. According to her, this is the start of another journey on her chosen path, which will commence after the end of September, which has been stipulated as the end of her work with Radio Democracy.

This decision is not unconnected to the fact that James is the owner of Rise Radio, a media house that recently ended its test transmission phase.

The resignations of these senior journalists are a major blow to Radio Democracy, which has been a leading voice for democracy and freedom of expression in Sierra Leone. It is unclear what the future holds for the station, but it is likely that it will face significant challenges in the coming months.


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