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President Bio says increased women’s representation enriches the nation with empathy & resilience

Another one for the history books as Sierra Leone officially opened the Sixth Parliament of the Second Republic, with the delivery of the Presidential address by His Excellency Julius Maada Bio. In the address, President Julius Maada Bio highlighted the commendable rise in women's representation in the recent elections.

According to the President, the elections saw a remarkable 15% increase in the number of women elected as representatives. Currently, 30.4% of directly elected representatives in Sierra Leone's Parliament are women. This development marks a significant departure from the past, when women were often underestimated and their potential as policymakers and leaders overlooked.

President Bio emphasized that women are not just women; they are an integral part of society, serving as the backbone and anchor of our families. Their presence in Parliament enriches the nation's fabric, infusing it with compassion, empathy, and resilience.

Moreover, this historic achievement in women's representation heralds a new era for Sierra Leone's democracy. With no political party holding a two-thirds majority, constant engagement and collaboration will be imperative. This necessitates amplifying all voices, fostering a more harmonious, stable, and prosperous Sierra Leone.

The opening of the Sixth Parliament of the Second Republic signifies a remarkable opportunity to showcase the maturity of Sierra Leone's democracy. As the nation moves forward, the increased presence of women in positions of power will undoubtedly contribute to a more vibrant political landscape.

Many are wondering whether the participation of women will be in vain given the current political impasse between the ruling government and the opposition, who have resolved to abstain from all participation in governing activities.


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