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Musician Mello Seven, the ascendant star who seems to be on a perpetual winning streak

Afro-fusion artist Jonathan Obai FitzJohn, known as Mello Seven, has been steadily rising in the entertainment scene since his emergence in 2019.

Last year, he released an album that was acclaimed by many, including his peers, as one of the best albums of the year. The album featured several solo songs that became hits, including the widely popular song "Smile," also known as Poyo.

His collaborations with other prominent figures in the Sierra Leone entertainment industry, such as Itribe, Drizilik, and Shadow Boxxer, also contributed to his success. In 2022, he had one of the most successful sold-out shows of the year.

Since then, he has released more singles, both solo and in collaboration with other talented Sierra Leonean musicians. His recent song, "Kapu," has become an anthem in many parts of the country and has gone viral. Since its release two months ago, it has remained in the top ten Sierra Leonean songs on Audiomack, with over 75,000 plays. It recently re-entered the top spot, surpassing all new releases from stars with more years in the industry and supposedly stronger fan bases.

Last week, Mello's wins continued to pile up. As one of Orange's brand ambassadors, he was made one of the faces of the free audiomack plays campaign and was also appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Excel Solutions, the organizers of Brunchin event( ).

This is all following his placement as the welcoming face at the new Freetown International Airport.

Mello, who plans to release two new songs, one in early September, says that while these wins inspire him and deepen his faith in his craft and the public's acceptance of his music, they are just a stepping stone to his next level.


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