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Outpouring of Support for Mogbwemo Queens ahead of their first match today against Senegal

Mogbwemo Queens, champions of the Female Premier league, have received an outpouring of support as they prepare to play their first match against Senegal today in the CAF Women's Champions League qualifiers.

The team left on Friday and have been boosted by encouragement from several institutions and individuals, including the Bo Rangers Management, who donated $8,000 to the team ahead of their matches in Liberia.

Mr. Babadi Kamara, the Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers, presented the donation on behalf of the management and pledged his personal and management’s support to the team. He said that the excellence of the female champions can further serve the interest of Sierra Leonean football enthusiasts locally and abroad.

Another supporter is FC Kallon’s midfielder Binta Bah, who heaped praise on Mogbwemo Queens' preparations for the CAF Women's Champions League. Bah, who was pivotal in FC Kallon's formation in the inaugural Women's Premier League, is impressed by Mogbwemo Queens' Preparation ahead of qualifiers and hopes they make Sierra Leoneans proud and gain experience in the process.

The Sierra Leone Football Association days ago also made a pledge of $5,000 to the Queens.

The entire country is behind Mogbwemo Queens as they embark on this historic journey. Good luck!


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