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Reactions to the Resignation of Three Senior Staff from Radio Democracy

Three senior staff of Radio Democracy have resigned in the past week, citing the pursuit of new opportunities. Kadijah Bangura and Mabel Kabba both resigned on the same day, and Alex Lawrence Koroma resigned today 7th August and cited the same reason as his colleagues.

Women's rights advocate Naasu Fofanah took to Facebook to criticize the board for being undemocratic. She called for the resignation of all board members and the immediate reorganization of the board.

Human rights lawyer Agustine Sorie-Sengeh Marah questioned the circumstances that led to the resignation of the two women, which seemed to be due to exclusion and sidelining. He demanded that the board provide a proper explanation to dispel these notions.

The board issued a statement saying that the resignations were not properly communicated to them and that the hiring of a consultant was for a transitional period, made necessary by the departure of long-serving station manager Asmaa James.

The resignations of these three senior staff have raised concerns about the future of Radio Democracy. It remains to be seen how the board will address these concerns and ensure the continued success of the station.


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