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Station Manager Asmaa James to Depart from Radio Democracy on a New Path

Longtime station manager Asmaa James has announced her departure from Radio Democracy, where she has worked for over two decades. James said that her decision to leave is the start of a new journey on her chosen path, which will commence after the end of September, the date of her last day at Radio Democracy.

James's resignation is a major event at Radio Democracy, which has been a leading voice for democracy and freedom of expression in Sierra Leone. It is unclear what the future holds for the station, but it is likely that it will face significant challenges in the coming months.

James is the owner of Rise Radio, a media house that recently ended its test transmission phase. It is believed that her decision to leave Radio Democracy is related to her ownership of Rise Radio.

James is a senior journalist who has made significant contributions to the media landscape in Sierra Leone. She is known for her commitment to her work and several contributions to advocacy on children’s and women rights. Her departure from Radio Democracy is a loss for the station and for the media community in Sierra Leone.

It is unclear what James's plans are for the future. However, it is hoped that she will continue to significantly contribute to Sierra Leone.

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