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Incumbent President Bio completes nomination with Vice President Jalloh

Incumbent President Julius Maada Bio of the Sierra Leone People's party has completed his nomination at the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) for the country's upcoming Presidential election in 2023, along with his running mate, Vice President Juldeh Jalloh.

The nomination process marks the final stage of legitimizing candidates for the ballot, leading up to declaration of the campaign season, leading up to the presidential election.

Speaking at the nomination ceremony, President Bio thanked his supporters while promising to continue working towards improving the country with plans of partisan inclusion, diversification of economy and limiting of inflation.

President Bio, who came to power in 2018, has been credited with initiating numerous reforms, including tackling corruption and improving the economy. The president has also focused on issues such as education, healthcare, and infrastructural development.

The incumbent President remains a popular figure within his political party and among his supporters. The nomination ceremony saw an electrifying atmosphere, with President Bio receiving rousing cheers from his supporters as he submitted his nomination documents and later at the Attouga mini stadium where he addressed assembled supporters.

President Bio in recent past had maintained that his re-election will be easy, as his opponent had been defeated before by him.

He was accompanied by First Lady Fatima Bio, Former Vice President Victor Foh, newly aligned Dr. Kandeh Yumkella of the National Grand Coalition and many other party bigwigs.


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