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Kings Empire gifted their Manager Prezo Koroma a Nissan Altima car

Kings Empire, an entertainment outfit of leisure hotels and multimedia has gifted their Manager Ibrahim Koroma, known as Prezo Koroma with an Altima car, as a show of appreciation for his work with the business.

The car was given to him to make his work easier, says his CEO Mak King.

Prezo Koroma who was made manager last year had been with them since 2019, a year after their establishment and has been invaluable in bringing them to the limelight, especially with his connection to the entertainment scene.

In working with them, he has helped with the collaboration and partnerships with known events such as the National Social Awards, Miss Curvy Sierra Leone, the Freetown Zonal festival and more, making them a significant player in the entertainment sector.

Whilst Prezo Koroma was briefly incarcerated in 2022, his CEO Valentine Mak King had covered his legal fees and kept his salary running until he regained his freedom.

According to Mak King, Prezo Koroma had shown himself to be committed and loyal to his business and these rewards, the latest of which is the Nissan car gifted to him are his way of expressing his gratitude to an employee turned family.


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