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Kossoh Tong Opens 2023 COFA League with 2-0 Over Murray Tong

Kossoh Tong kicked off their 2023 COFA League campaign with a 2-0 victory over Murray Tong at the Parade Ground on Friday, September 1, 2023, at 4:30pm.

The match was played in wet conditions, in front of a large electric crowd and Kossoh Tong were the better team, a most deserved win.

Ibrahim Conteh scored the first goal in the 21st minute with a powerful header, and Mohamadu Lamin scored the second goal in the 39th minute after a defensive mistake, giving Kossoh Tong a good start to the season and putting them top of Group G.

Kossoh Tong dominated possession for most of the match, and they created several chances to score. Murray Tong had a few chances of their own, but they were unable to capitalize.

The win is a big confidence boost for Kossoh Tong, and it will give them a lot of momentum going into their next match against Susan's Bay. Susan's Bay are also a strong team, but riding still on their unbeaten start to the season alive, they could emerge victorious once again.


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