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Mines Minister Julius Mattai says the closing of Sierra Rutile company is still unofficial

The Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Julius Mattai, announced during a recent press briefing that the rumored imminent closure of the Sierra Rutile firm is not yet formally confirmed. The minister clarified that the ministry has not yet received official notice from the business.

Additionally, Minister Mattai underlined the significance of appropriate communication and the provision of supporting evidence in such situations. He highlighted the company's duty to officially notify the Ministry and provide relevant documentation regarding the reported losses it claims to have sustained.

Furthermore, the minister emphasized the ongoing efforts to enhance the regulatory framework governing the mining sector. He mentioned the enactment and revision of mining policies to foster a more conducive environment for mining operations. Additionally, collaborations with the Ministry of Finance and the National Revenue Authority are underway to establish a more favorable fiscal regime featuring improved taxes and royalties. These measures aim to attract local participants and maximize resource utilization and profits.

Minister Mattai also discussed the importance of corporate social responsibility among mining companies. He stressed the obligation of these companies to provide healthcare facilities and support community development, as outlined in the revised act. By fulfilling these obligations, mining companies can contribute positively to the communities they operate in.

In conclusion, Minister Mattai underscored the crucial role of the mining sector in promoting development within the country. He expressed his belief that collaboration between the mining sector and the development sector is essential to harness the sector's full potential.


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