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Mohamed Dumbuya becomes starting player in an American team

Dedication and hardwork has led a young football star in the person of Mohamed Dumbuya to becoming a key member of the Philadelphia Lone Star team in America, playing in the United Premier Soccer League.

The United Premier Soccer League , which serves as a beacon of hope for Mohamed Dumbuya and many other footballers was founded in Santa Ana in Southern California, with eight teams that have paid players and some that are entirely amateur.

Dumbuya, had a great spell in so many teams in Sierra Leone before relocating to the United States of America to pursue his football career, so he became an immediate person of interest.

Dumbuya disclosed to this medium that fans of team Philadelphia Lone Star know him for mental toughness, dribbling , creating chances and occasionally pulling off a cheeky piece of skill on the football pitch.

During a high profile match in the League , Dumbuya carried the team on his shoulders , dominating affairs in the defensive line.

To date , the memory of the youngster outclassing his opponents on that day remains an anecdote held dear by many.

Alimamy Dumbuya , who is the father to Mohamed, recounts his first experience of his son's Footballing career " I first saw Mohamed playing on the street back home in Sierra Leone and I immediately saw a good player in him , and that set him on a path to greatness in the game.

He maintained that a good number of youthful teams like Fourah Bay Juniors , among others, invited him to their training ground and he was fantastic from day one. The Coach Gabba Named him among his top players at the time”

Mohamed’s willingness to combine Football with education also helped in his breakthrough, gifted on the pitch and brilliant in the Classroom, leading to his station as starting player at the Philadelphia Lone Star FC in the US.

In his days at Fourah Bay Juniors, Mohamed gave it his all , playing across the defensive line and occasionally being moved up to midfield due to his versatility. Beyond his talent , his strong character made him a popular figure among his teammates.


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