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National Revenue Authority Addresses 2023 Collection Shortfall and 2024 Targets

The National Revenue Authority (NRA) at the ministry of Information and Civic Education press conference addressed its performance in 2023 and outlined its targets for the upcoming fiscal year. 

Mrs. Jeneba Kpaka-Bangura, the Commissioner General of the NRA, provided detailed insights into the agency's achievements and challenges faced during the preceding year.

Despite falling marginally short of the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) revenue target, with NLe 10.1 billion collected, Mrs. Kpaka-Bangura attributed the shortfall to a combination of factors, including the 2023 General Election, curfews, and broader security concerns that impacted the country.

In light of these challenges, she stated that Parliament has set an ambitious revenue target of NLe 14.972 billion for the NRA in 2024. This target underscores the government's commitment to achieving its fiscal objectives and ensuring the nation's economic development.

To facilitate transparent and accountable tax compliance, Mrs. Kpaka-Bangura strongly encouraged citizens to utilize the Electronic Cash Register (ECR) system and obtain their Goods and Services Tax (GST) receipts. This measure is crucial for ensuring accurate revenue collection and fostering a culture of tax compliance.

The NRA's prudent fiscal management and adaptability to evolving economic landscapes demonstrate its dedication to sustainable revenue generation. The agency's efforts contribute to the country's financial stability and lay the foundation for long-term economic growth


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