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Promoting Women's Empowerment in Football Administration and Development

Madam Asmaa James, renowned for her executive role as the CEO of Rise Radio and her unwavering dedication to football, currently serves as the Chair of the National Women's Premier League in Sierra Leone and holds a significant position as an executive of the East End Lions football club. She shared her remarkable journey in football, particularly her steadfast support for initiatives and activities within the sector.

Madam James outlined her significant contributions as the head of the Sierra Leone Female Premier League Board, notably the successful launch of the league with substantial support from the government, the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), and other strategic partners.

She expressed deep concern regarding the safety of female referees during matches and emphasized her unwavering commitment to investigating and preventing such incidents. 

Her dedication to promoting women's leadership in football is evident through her proactive approach and determination to create a safe and equal environment for all participants.


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