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Senior Psychiatrist Dr. Abdul Jalloh says kush users should be treated more as victims

Whilst attempting to demystify Cannabis indica(kush) and its effect, Dr. Abdul Jalloh, Senior Specialist Psychologist at the Global Mental Health,  says that the drug itself called Kush have varied effect depending on the strain consumed. Dr. Jalloh was speaking at the weekly government press briefing held very Tuesday.

 According to Dr. Jalloh there are currently three kinds of Kush in circulation with each one's effect more deadlier than the other. He described one kind as containing  synthetic herb and chemical mixed together to form the kush drugs. Another type called tramadol Kush is a mixture of different flower or leaf mix with Chemical and the Tramadol to form the first type which makes them actives and aggressive. The third type is known as the Jagban Kush which is mixtures of flower and the formalin which is used in the preservation of dead bodies and very toxic to the Human Body. 

He furthered that the Kush has become a growing concern for the community and the users must not be blamed, given that their behavior is one of addictive compulsions,  of their altered brain.

He pointed out that all types damage brains, degrade the body and right the teeth but most dangerously, the Jagaban Kush.

Highlighting mental effects, Dr. Jalloh says depression, hallucination and even suicide are the most common, whereas physical effects range from the above mentioned to include contracting many difficult-to-treat illnesses such as Hypertension and HIV.

Dr. Jalloh reminded all that though many may want to assist addicts, self will should be present to aid them.

He cautioned against blaming and shaming them, as ties to their community is a good thing for them.


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