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Sierra Leone's Amputee Football Team to Compete in Historic African Cup of Nations in Egypt

The Sierra Leone National Amputee Football Team, also known as the "Sengbe boys," is determined to participate in the African Cup of Nations for Amputee Football National Teams, an historic event to be held in Cairo, Egypt, from April 19th to 28th. This event marks a significant occasion for the sport and for Sierra Leone's amputee footballers.

In the group stage, the team will face off against Angola, Tanzania, and Rwanda, competing for a coveted spot in the knockout rounds. This is a monumental achievement for the Flying Stars, garnering the enthusiastic support of the entire nation.

Overcoming adversity, the team will represent Sierra Leone on the international stage, inspiring others with their resilience and passion for the sport of football.

The African Amputee Football Cup of Nations (AAFCON) is an unprecedented tournament organized by the Confederation of African Amputee Football (CAAF), paving the way for increased recognition and growth of the sport across Africa.


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