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Sierra Leonean Cyclist Triumphs at the 2024 Tour de Lunsar

The 10th edition of the Tour de Lunsar Cycling Championship, held in 2024, witnessed thrilling cycling action and fierce competition among cyclists from various countries.

A notable achievement came from Ibrahim Jalloh, a talented cyclist originally from Sierra Leone but currently residing in Dubai. Jalloh showcased exceptional skill and endurance by surpassing two Nigerian male cyclists, claiming both the Sprint and King of the Mountain titles in the 2024 Tour de Lunsar.

Following his impressive victory, Jalloh expressed profound joy and pride, emphasizing the significance of representing Sierra Leone on an international platform. His achievements serve as an inspiration for aspiring cyclists in the country.

The four-day cycling extravaganza, held from April 18th to 21st, 2024, is scheduled to conclude this Sunday. Spectators at the event applauded Jalloh's outstanding performance, acknowledging his contribution to bringing glory to the nation.

In the third day of the event, female cyclists from the Republic of Benin demonstrated their prowess by securing the top three positions, with Sierra Leone's Blessing Jane Jabbie from the Kono Cycling Club achieving a commendable fourth place.

The success of Sierra Leonean cyclists at the 2024 Tour de Lunsar serves as a testament to the talent and dedication of the country's athletes. Such accomplishments inspire national pride and contribute to the recognition of Sierra Leone on the international sporting stage.


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