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Sierra Leonean musicians fight over ownership of name

As if things couldn't get any weirder in Sierra Leone, musicians have today engaged in a war of words for the most bizarre of things, a name.

France based musician Amos Bangura using the Artist name of Mos-B, fashioned after his first name and initial of his last name took to social Media to call out colleague Star Zee and husband for working with another artist with a name similar to his, Mus-B. According to the crooner, this act is sort of a betrayal.

He posted that he was first informed when Mus-B started using that name and his team had contacted the man. He says he had not decided on commencing legal proceedings but if he intends to, the adoption of this name will be serious grounds.

Colleagues took his outburst as a poor display of showmanship and one such who called him out was musician Morris, known as Wonderboy. Star Zee and husband also responded publicly to Mos-B.

Mus-B himself, real name Musa Jalloh also responded to Mos-B, calling him a clout chaser.

The song "Bounce" featuring Mus-B and other big names, was released a day ago and already has about three thousand five hundred views on YouTube, with many praising his delivery on the song.


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