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Sisterhood: the Sierra Leonean movie going global

Updated: Mar 27

Sisterhood is a Sierra Leonean movie documenting the real life of two twin sisters Husinatu and Hassanatu, going through the ordeals of the cultural and religious limitations placed on them by the country they were born in, whilst on the search of better opportunities (greener pastures).

The movie directed by Mohamed Sessy Kamara and produced by Social Transformation and Empowerment Projects (STEPS), in collaboration with Afridocs and Generation Africa follows the journey of two sisters to and from the middle East to serve as house helps to escape economic challenges in their country.

It shed light on trafficking and illegal emigration based on false promises and its syndicate in Sierra Leone.

The film commenced its global travels in Western Europe, specifically Netherlands last year where it was premiered at five locations and special screening at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

The movie was then shown locally at Kroo town road, Banana Water, Murray town and red pump community.

The film also nominated at the Miradasdoc festival at Tenerife Island.

On YouTube, it has received over a hundred thousand views.

The film has made its debut in Maryland, United States of America yesterday and will be aired today on the 20th March at 5:15pm.


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