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Sports Journalist Abdul Kabia draws Inspiration From Adam Yates' Tour de France Performance

Abdul kabia, a Sports Journalist from Sierra Leone with a natural knack for reporting on various sporting disciplines is revealed himself to be an avid fan of cycling, an interest piqued by Adam yates's performance in the 2023 Tour de france.

Yates who finished third overall in the race and showed incredible strength and determination throughout the three week event, is said to be Kabia's inspiration to take a hobby, cycling, as a vested second career.

Kabia says he was particularly impressed by Yates' ability as an incredible climber who seems to get better at overcoming more difficult challenges. "I'm inspired by his determination and willingness to push himself to the limit"

Kabia is now determined to improve from being an amatuer to a top cyclist himself, knowing fully well that his elevation could inspire other young people in Sierra Leone who dream of becoming professional



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