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Tiktoker Boyzee Krish hits two million followers

Sierra Leonean TikToker Boyzee Krish, has reached an impressive milestone of 2 million followers on his TikTok platform.

The content creator who’s mainly a dancer started out by making parodies of Indian actor Hrithik Roshan, with his female counterpart JUlzee baby, real name Juliet Jimmy.

Boyzee’s content ranges from dance videos and lip-syncing to comedy skits and challenges.

Boyzee krish's humorous and energetic personality has attracted a growing audience, both locally and internationally, and he has become one of the most influential creators in Sierra Leone.

With his recent path of doing videos of Sierra Leonean songs, he has swiftly grown from 1.5million in January to 2 million by April month’s end.

He is now a paid promotion content creator along with other influential tiktokers in Sierra Leone.

He has used his platform to highlight the cultural richness of his country and create awareness about social issues affecting his community. Reaching such a significant milestone is a testament to Boyzeekrish's hard work and dedication, and his followers eagerly await to see what entertaining content he will create next.

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