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Top new audio and video releases

  1. Drizilik’s Bad Padi official video

Rapper Drizilik has released the official video for his hit song Bad padi, from his recent ashobi album. The video was released on independence day, four days ago and it is already at seven thousand on YouTube.

The video which was directed by Ronita mainly depicts hood life with friends, emphasizing the narrative of layers of friendship.

2. Arkman’s Slowly video

A video teaser was released over a year and the official video was released hours ago.

A song itself is a feel good song, explicitly outlining bedroom antics and promising optimal satisfaction to a women.

3. Waddah Heroboy's pepe mi heart video

This video was released three days ago and is the visual for Waddah's first single since he signed on to FynFace's record label.

It speaks of heartbreak and coping with it .

4. Boss Laj ft Mello seven's gron get yai audio

The mash up by rapper Laj and Mello Seven was released two day ago and is already shaping out to be a hit. It is an amapiano vibe celebrating a successful toasting leading to sex with a woman who has been playing hard to get.

5. Ceejay Mark's Hello video

Released five days ago, it is a song appealing for a woman's acceptance and showing all the ways she will be treated when she accepts. MIxed with two local dialects, it gives it the originality that makes it relatable and its strong beats make it very enjoyable.


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