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Top new audio and video releases 3rd-18th July

This list covers nearly a month's worth of music releases by Sierra Leonean entertainers. Bear in mind that some songs came out within this timeframe but due to the aftermaths of the electioneering activities, it might have gone through the cracks and escaped the editor's notice. We apologize.

  1. Yok-Seven's "the lion" album

Rapper Yok Seven, real name Yusif Osaio Kamara released his sixteen tracks album on 7th July 2023 and it is proving to be the much anticipated comeback for the star.

The musician included the not so long past faves such as “fire dancer” featuring songstress Teni of Nigeria, “wine n” Twerk featuring dancehall gifted Demarco and “na ya we dae” by Salone’s well established Willie Jay and Papaklass.

However, the gold of the recent past is the album titled song itself “the Lion” featuring Style plus. This song can go toe to toe with any other international rap hits. It’s vibe, lyrics speaking to a lifestyle of a trailblazer basking in his excellence and full knowledge of his own brilliance. It will get you vibing and relating til the last key.

The album’s best remains a tie between “Fekete” and “Wan corner". Very different in sound, pace and genre, it might come off as a surprise to some.

The song Fekete narrates a story of inauthentic living to impress a real baller. With its easy beats and interlacing of unique instrumentals, this song can instantly transport a good listener. African yet global, Sierra Leonean yet new. This song has potential to go places.

The song Wan Corner is fast paced, speaking to instant infatuation with a lady. Lyrics so well placed and delivery timed to perfection, the fun part is the mentioning of ladies excelling in entertainment in Sierra Leone. It also keeps to his genre of rap. It is this week’s editor’s pick.

2. Shadow Boxxer’s Ask me yesterday EP

An extended play of nine songs brings fun, energy and reflection of a different variation. A true rap EP, showing off the lyrical ingenuity of Algassimu Sahid Jarr Jr.

Vibe and energetic songs with good lyrics include “Move your body”, “spread love” and “Bob Marley”. These songs are expectedly laced with word play and positivity, they are guaranteed to lift up the spirits.

“Rise up” and “prayer” gets you thinking and reflecting on one’s choices, background and benefits of endurance. Worth listening to.

Hardest track is “blanco” featuring Blakka P

3. Bed J’s Journey album

Bernard Johnson has mentioned multiple times that this album is his life’s story and it now gives me a fair sense of his kind of artistry.

The musician prides himself in fine, groovy sounds and this album is filled with it.

Songs such as album title D Journey, Saful Saful ft Innocent Kuti, “blessings” ft Wahid, Try again and Wan day ft Markmuday motivates the listener towards hard work, patience, whilst remaining grateful.

Certified crowd pleasers are “Bad man Killer” featuring Itribe and Strokes and “Butu pick”. This trio keeps the listener engaged with flowing lyrics and pitch transitioning in the song Bad man killer whilst "butu pick" gives the album that much needed roots of Sierra Leonean vibe.

4. Empress Pee’s Pressure song

A collaboration of three rappers, usually problematic, turned out flawless. Mic’s carrying of the chorus shows off his versatility and introduces Empress’s capabilities on the mic. She raps about her return to the music scene after a break and her easy retake of her space, no competition.

Liberian rapper MC Caro delivery of her verse on her Conquer of the liberian rap scene regardless of her antics continues the trend of hype of their dominance.

MIC’s flow highlighting the nightlife of stars completes the feeling of all out vibe song.

5. Itribe’s "Nobody" song

This song is another classic exhibition of Itribe’s voice and his ability to engage with notes, transitioning into different keys at his convenience. With lyrics easing one into repeating it, it could easily be a hit song.

6. Salone JQ’s "No rule" song

This song announces his return loud and clear. From a diss on blogs, rappers, former friends and more, using structured lyrics and punchlines, the song is a success on its own. With its heavy beats, it gels nicely and urges the listener for a repeat play.

It can also be a vibe song under the right circumstance.

7. Xzu-B’s Majesty remix

Rarely does a remix match up to or supersedes an original but this one comes close. Featuring a host of stars, an almost seven minute of flawless spitting of bars around the abilities of each and their never needing to fake their prowess, nothing is missing.


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