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Top new song releases

1. Me lady by Jay2Bee X Fantacee Wiz X Mr. 1ne

This track is done by musician J2B, real name John Bam who hails from Moyamba featured folk singer Fantacee Wiz and rapper Mr. one to create this fun, modern traditional sound. The song comes through as original and catchy with lines like “your love is like a medlody, baby you’re the one, you’re my symphony and you know you’re my harmony”, it is sure to set hearts throbbing for all ages.

According to the Singer in a short interview, Musician Fantacee Wiz was featured to give it the unique related vibe of the typical Sierra Leonean whilst Mr. One was featured for his lyrical prowess in rap.

It was released two weeks ago and is a little on the low side in terms of plays but gradually picking up.

Here’s a link to the song to listen:

2. April fool by Jooel feat. Innocent

Done by Jooel real name Joel Kargbo was released on first April featuring another singer Innocent and has already amassed over a thousand views. The lyrics promise love, a wedding and everything else a lover madly in love would. The sound and rhythm is typical Jooel with a well-mixed sound. With its easy vibe, it is sure to enthrall many.

Here’s a link to listen:

3. Propaganda by Kao Denero

Released thirteen hours ago, this song dong by Kao Denero, real name Amara Dennis Turay-Jalloh already tops the above two songs in terms of views on YouTube. It is a typical diss track speaking of his recent woes online and offline. Referencing his abandonment by the entertainment industry after his appointment as Trade, Investment and Entertainment Ambassador by government, he attributes this abandonment and more to jealousy stemming from colleagues coveting his new station in life.

He proceeded to lash at bloggers, other rappers and faded relationships, in short he came for everybody in Sierra Leone.

This sound is so lyrically catchy and beats was well produced by his longtime producer Lord Mo and is promised to be part of the “tok and do” mixtape.

Here’s a link to listen to the song:


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