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WABBA visits basketball teams across the capital & its environs to discuss game development

The newly elected executive committee of the Western Area Basketball Association (WABBA), led by Chairman Ahmed Tejan Dahniya, recently visited Lungi to assure basketball players there of the Association's commitment to developing the game in that part of the country.

WABBA is visiting basketball teams across the capital and its environs to discuss ways to develop the game. The new executive has vowed to restructure the game and usher in a new era of development for basketball in Sierra Leone.

Like many other sports organizations, WABBA has ambitious plans to grow the game, similar to the West, where basketball is the second-most popular spectator sport and is regarded as one of the most exciting and dynamic sports.

WABBA Chairman Ahmed Tejan Dahniya said the courtesy visit to Lungi was part of the Association's efforts to understand the needs of teams across the country.

"We are committed to developing basketball in all parts of the country," Dahniya said. "We believe that basketball has the potential to be a major sport in Sierra Leone, and we are working hard to make that happen."

WABBA is planning to invest in infrastructure, training, and marketing to help grow the game. The Association is also working to establish partnerships with other organizations to support its efforts.

"We are confident that with the support of our stakeholders, we can make a real difference in the development of basketball in Sierra Leone," Dahniya said.


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