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Zainab Sheriff questioned by CID

Entertainer and entrepreneur Zainab Akturk nee. Sheriff has been detained at the Criminal Investigations Department of Sierra Leone for questioning. She was detained since yesterday until this afternoon and it is unclear whether she has been release by the time of publication of this article.

Charges had not been filed as at this afternoon.

She was detained due to unavailability of her lawyer as at the time of her initial questioning, which made bail impossible yesterday.

All these details were obtained from a conversation with Advocaid's official to ascertain the truth of their confirmation on the status of the celebrity. Advocaid had also asked that messages from her known Facebook handle be disregarded as it has also been hacked.

A personal friend of Zainab's has also confimed the hacking of the Facebook page.

However, no source or official within the CID and Police could confirm her whereabout or charges to be filed (if any) but two confirmed that it might be related to cyber crimes when filed, if at all.

A media publication claiming to be from ZedZee multimedia, owned by her, published that she had been denied access to her lawyers. No official release( besides this unverifiable flyer) has been issued.

However, the lack of contact information on the flyer and the silence of her or representatives of her from official channels, have raised questipn on the truth of it all or whether this could be a media stunt to kick start her political career.

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