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Accusations and threats galore, Kao Denero, Egerton Shabba and Prezo Koroma on Visa gate

Rapper Kao Denero real name Amara Dennis Turay-Jalloh has blamed recent allegations of nepotism on bittered persons who blame him for the imprisonment of colleague rapper Laj.

Kao Denero was doing a live video to respond to Ibrahim Koroma known as Prezo Koroma's allegation that Kao Denero was using his office and station as entertainment Ambassador for personal gain only.

According to Prezo Koroma, the Ambassador was denied a U.S visa due to names of family submitted for an entertainment summit scheduled to take place in America.

Prezo Koroma furthered that the names of Kao Denero's brother and daughter included, coupled with a fake address and fake organization are reasons for the denying of visas to the Ambassador and entourage.

During a live video in response to these accusations, Ambassador. Kao informed that the summit invitation was lobbied personally by him and not the government of Sierra Leone and that he had committed no wrongdoing in including the names of his brother and daughter. Instead he considered his actions magnanimous and inclusive of musicians, DJ and Comedian.

He retorted that these allegations stem from anger and hate relating to Laj's imprisonment but emphasized that he was not to blame, rather the rapper's action of reckless abandon and lawlessness is to be blamed.

Kao Denero has received tremendous backlash from entertainers and family of Laj who view his statement as a confession of his complacency resulting in the long detention and imprisonment of Laj.

In the wake of this, an entertainment contributor Egerton Shabba went on Prezo Koroma's live to warn Kao Denero to not conduct another live video, as this he says will warrant release of all evidence gathered during investigation into this matter, including the nonexistent organization stated as issuing the invite.

Ambassador Kao responded by releasing another video labeling him and others like him as haters of his office, person and status.


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