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Blessing Jane Jabbie Triumphs in the Salone Cycling Cup Series Female Category

In a notable development within the realm of cycling within Sierra Leone, Blessing Jane Jabbie, a cyclist of remarkable talent representing the Kono Cycling Club, has received the prestigious honor of being crowned champion of the Salone Cycling Cup Series in the women's category.

Jabbie emerged victorious following a series of arduous races conducted throughout Sierra Leone, culminating in a thrilling final event held in the city of Bo. Displaying exceptional skill and unwavering determination, she surpassed Gbassay G Mansaray of the Ubuntu Cycling Foundation, securing her position as the champion.

The Salone Cycling Cup Series witnessed the participation of over 50 athletes, spanning both genders and competing in junior and senior categories, showcasing their talents and striving for the coveted title.

Jabbie's remarkable achievement is attributed, in part, to the unwavering support provided by Meya Mining Company in Kono and its esteemed Chief Operating Officer, Dino Coutinho. Their dedication to sponsoring the Kono Cycling Club and Jabbie's athletic endeavors played a pivotal role in her success.

The final race in Bo witnessed Jabbie's dominance in the women's criterium competition, solidifying her position as the undisputed champion of the nation.

The Salone Cycling Cup Series commenced in Freetown, with the esteemed Minister of Sports, Augusta James Teima, personally initiating the inaugural race. This event underscored the profound significance of the competition in fostering women's empowerment and engaging the youth through the transformative power of sports.

The Minister commended the organizers for the well-structured competition and expressed gratitude towards the sponsors for their unwavering commitment to nurturing Sierra Leonean athletes, aspiring to elevate them to the ranks of international champions.

Jabbie's triumph serves as an inspiring testament to the potential for dreams to be realized anywhere in Sierra Leone, challenging the notion that opportunities are confined to the capital city of Freetown.


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