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FC Kallon Secures Dominant 2-0 Victory Against Freetown City FC

FC Kallon football club achieved a decisive 2-0 victory over the esteemed Freetown City Football Club at the prestigious Kingtom Academy on March 30, 2024.

Saidu Fofanah, an accomplished player, initiated the scoring for FC Kallon in the 44th minute, granting his team a significant advantage before the conclusion of the first half.

Ibrahim Keita, another talented player, confirmed the victory with a second goal scored in the 66th minute, effectively dashing Freetown City's aspirations for a successful comeback.

Despite valiant efforts from Freetown City, FC Kallon's robust defense remained resolute, enabling the team to secure all three vital points.

This triumph positions FC Kallon advantageously in the pursuit of the prestigious 2023/2024 Leone Rock Premier League title.

The team remains committed to capitalizing on this positive momentum in the forthcoming weeks as they strive to claim the coveted LRPL trophy.


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