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Police register first win in Men's T20 cricket Premier League with 29-run Win

The start of Men's T20 Premier League opening at the Prince of Wales Oval showed a radiance of hope for the country's men's T20 Premier League on Saturday as the Police Officers led the way with a massive 29-run win against a resurgent Copper Safe squad.

As the brawl in the horizon of the east intensified, it cast its beaming rays over the Prince of Wales seaside Oval. There at the center of things , the officers won the toss. Without hesitation, they chose to bat first to exhibit their firepower.

Yegbeh Jalloh opened the batting order for the law-abiding men, scoring 35 runs off 25 balls. He smacked five 4s and had one graceful 6 at the start of the men's top show, pulling a strike rate of 140.00 before being bowled out by Copper Safe's Alfred Ndanema.

Jalloh gone, Eric Musa Turay came in for the officers and batted for impressive 22 runs off 15 balls before being caught out by Alfred Ndanema who bowled in 4 overs, taking 4 wickets with an economy of 4.75.

In all, nine batsmen from the Police side collectively posted 176 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in 20 overs, setting a target of 177.

Copper Safe replied with 147 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in 20 overs, handing over a decent 29-run win to the officers who had 28 extras predominantly from wide balls.

According to the Member of the Media Team Alie Sonta Kamara , the lynchpin of it all was to promote Cricket Sierra Leone Men's T20 Premier League and the development of cricketers for forthcoming Competitions.

Though the Competition is too early to tip Police to retain a back to back Championship, chances are if they continue to extend the winning ways , they could possibly reclaim the Championship therein.


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