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Sierra Leone Paralympic Chief aids Milton Margai School in Goal-ball

In a heartening development, Sierra Leone's Paralympic Chief, Unisa Deen, has generously pledged his support to the Milton Margai School for the Blind, enabling their participation in goal-ball, a sport designed to elevate the spirits of pupils with special needs.

Deen emphasized the Paralympic Committee's unwavering commitment to fostering inclusion in sports, highlighting the collective support of the community.

Headmaster Salieu Turay of the Milton Margai School for the Blind expressed profound gratitude to the sponsors and the Paralympic Committee for their generous contributions.

This gesture coincides with the inaugural Sports Meet of the Milton School for the Blind, marking a significant milestone since its establishment in 1956.

Sahr Sogbor, a male pupil, conveyed heartfelt gratitude to the school's management and staff, acknowledging their pivotal role in fostering renewed optimism among the students.

Goal-ball, a compelling team sport specifically designed for athletes with visual impairments, involves players attempting to hurl a ball embedded with bells into the opponents' goal while defending their own.

It stands as a testament to resilience, camaraderie, and athletic prowess, inspiring and empowering those who participate.


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