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Sierra Leone's Francess FC wins African Youth Cup opener against ES Bamako

In the third iteration of the African Youth Cup, hosted by Guinea, the Sierra Leonean football club Francess FC has made a remarkable impression with their exceptional performance.

Francess FC commenced the tournament with a resounding victory, triumphing over E.S Bamako with a score of 2-1, setting a formidable precedent for their subsequent endeavors.

Gumba Mansaray's exceptional display on the field earned him the distinction of being named the man of the match, highlighting his exceptional talent and tireless dedication.

Looking ahead, Francess FC is preparing to face C.I Kamsar at the Stade Coleah, a formidable opponent in the tournament. Despite the challenge, Francess FC is steadfast in their resolve to maintain the winning momentum established in their match against E.S Bamako and to represent Sierra Leone with pride and distinction.


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