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Tenesie Dixon crowned "Monarch of the Stage" at 2024 Tour De Lunsar

The prestigious Tour De Lunsar, now in its tenth year, has once again enthralled the sporting community with its remarkable performances during the 2024 race held in Lunsar town. The event witnessed the participation of fifty-six cyclists from Nigeria and Sierra Leone, with Tenesie Dixon of Sierra Leone emerging victorious in the "King of the Stage" competition. Dixon, a distinguished National Cyclist and Captain of the Flames Cycling Club, showcased his exceptional cycling prowess by completing the challenging route from Lunsar to Makeni and back in an impressive time of one hour and twenty seconds.

The race, consisting of numerous laps of the Lunsar Cycling circuit, extended to Makeni (Masongo Junction) before returning to Lunsar, providing a rigorous test of the cyclists' abilities. Throughout the three-day event, fierce competition ensued among top Sierra Leonean cyclists, including Ibrahim Jalloh, hailing from Dubai, and the Nigerian star, Bright Emmanuel.

Organizer Mr. Kamara emphasized the participation of junior cyclists, specifying that competitors must be nineteen years or younger on race day. This highlights the event's commitment to nurturing young talent in the sport.

Tenesie Dixon expressed immense joy and satisfaction at his victory in the "King of the Stage" event, where he emerged triumphant over his competitors. The event will conclude on April 21st, with day four for the men featuring an exhilarating thirty-lap event around central Lunsar town, while women will compete in a twenty-lap race. The Tour De Lunsar 2024 Cycling Competition promises an exhilarating conclusion, showcasing the best of cycling talent from Nigeria and Sierra Leone.


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