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United Africa Wears wins SLAAM's Best Clothing Brand award

United Africa Wears (UAW) has been named the winner of the prestigious SLAAM award for the best clothing brand in Sierra Leone. This is a significant achievement for the company, which has been dedicated to promoting Sierra Leone through sports fashion.

UAW is a contemporary fashion brand that creates clothing inspired by unique styles and designs from sports kit to jerseys, hats, pajamas and more. The brand was founded in 2016 by Afize Mohamed as a top Sierra Leonean model and young entrepreneur to positively influence and motivate young people in his country.

They have provided services for sporting clubs FC Johannsen and East End Lions.

The SLAAM award is a recognition of UAW's commitment to promoting fashion through the quality of its products, and its commitment to nationalistic portrayal of the country.

UAW's collections feature bold colors evident in its materials.

In addition to its commitment to fashion, UAW has also been actively involved in promoting entertainment by sponsoring events and programs home and in the United Kingdom, that are tied to Sierra Leone. The brand also works with local artists and influencers to promote their work.

UAW's win at the SLAAM awards is a testament to its dedication, vision, and commitment to demonstrate fashion can be a powerful tool for preserving and celebrating heritage while also driving economic growth and creating opportunities for local communities.


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